2 = alarm, alarm device, alarm system, burglar alarm, security alarm.
Ex. The terminal would sound an alarm, and the cursor would be positioned so that a valid code or number could be entered.
Ex. Such items may be kept in locked cupboards, bookcases or display cases to which some type of alarm device is fitted.
Ex. This article covers requirements of space, power, environment, security and alarm systems, and data and telecommunications.
Ex. Measures to prevent such incidents include fitting burglar alarms in libraries and taking quick and decisive action against troublesome users.
Ex. This article outlines general requirements for a well-appointed restoration laboratory: filtered light, security alarms, good flood drainage, and lay-out.
* alarma antirrobo = burglar alarm, intruder alarm.
* alarma contra incendios = fire warning, fire alarm.
* alarma contra intrusos = intruder alarm.
* alarma contra robos = burglar alarm.
* alarma de coche = car alarm.
* alarma personal = rape alarm, personal alarm.
* alarma + sonar = alarm + go off.
* botón de alarma = panic button.
* desconectar una alarma = silence + alarm.
* dispositivo de alarma = alarm device.
* hacer sonar una alarma = sound + alarm.
* sistema de alarma = alarm system, detection system.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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